Maundy in London

The night before Maundy’s shoot we got to talking. She was telling me about the first time she came to London, of a time she studied under the Queen of England’s florist with the intention of being a florist herself. I connected with this idea of traveling across the world and trying something new. It reminded me of my first trip to France, trying to find my place. While her time in London in fact didn’t result in her choosing this particular career path, it was no surprise to me at all that floristry would have been one of her interests. Maundy has a love of nature, birds in particular, that seem to be her signature. She lives in New Hampshire and has built a studio but one of her specialties is her bird portraits.

Here are a few shots from her second trip to London.

Paris Portrait PhotographerParis Portrait PhotographerParis Portrait PhotographerParis Portrait Photographer
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